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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Sunday Of Foundations LIVE: Major prophecy comes to pass

Mr. Kevin a professional footballer comes forward to testify of the goodness of the Lord in his life.

He got a prophecy from the Major Prophet that he is going to be big in his football career, he told him that he is going to go international. After the prophecy he got a surprising contract with an international team requesting him to join their team.

After signing the contract, when he was training, he got a huge foot injury that he could not move anymore. He went to the best doctor who specializes with foot injuries and he told him that the foot is major injured and if he were to play football again, it can only be after 2 years. He tells that he decided to come and meet the prophet, he came as an international visitor. The prophet prayed for him and he went back to Germany.

He tells us that when he was home one night sleeping, he dreamt of the prophet praying for him. After that night, he started experiencing some changes on his leg. He went back to that specialist, and the doctor was shocked of seeing the major healing taking place on his foot, the doctor told him that in the years of his practice he has never seen something like that.

He is now able to play, and his team has made him their captain and also their ambassador. He is known all over the world, the prophecy that he was given by Prophet has come to pass.

Believe in the God of Major 1 and your life shall never be the same.
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