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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Your Time is Now to Claim Your Possessions

This God is a God of now. Things will happen now in the mighty name of Jesus. May the Lord give you that business, contract, marriage and that job right now. Receive it!

As the Prophetess had declared, wonders started to happen. The lame walked. The sick got healed. The penniless received miracle money. Breakthroughs were all over—yes, said by the Prophetess, in you weakness, God’s strength is perfected!

 A business that is born of God, can not go down; a marriage born of God can not go down and a child of born can not leave you

Women are Conduits - Why God Uses a Woman " My strength is perfected in weakness, that is why God used a woman "When God wants to do something, He uses a woman as a conduit

Women are considered as the weaker vessels, but bear in mind that the Lord speaks of how His strength is made perfect in our weakness! Because of this we are indeed the ones to be treated with respect.

The world has managed to paint women as weaker vessels and the bible affirms that this is true. Apostle Paul mentioned that he had a problem like a thorn in his flesh. The Lord Himself spoke to him and told him to be like a woman, a weaker vessel, so that the Lord’s power could be made manifest.

Prophetess Mary Bushiri

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