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Friday, November 22, 2019

A Weaker Vessel Becomes The Strongest Hold

Why women, one might ask? Why not give the burden of child-birth to men since they are so strong. We see in history when God wants to do something in human kind, He will use a woman.

In the case of Moses, the Bible says it was the mother that noted the son was beautiful and decided to hide him but in all this, the father was absent.

Mothers can give their life for their children and that is something men cannot do. Even in church it is women who cry out for help from the prophet yet their husbands will be right there seated in the same church!

An angel was sent to Mary to tell her that she will carry a Messiah but Mary asked how all this would happen as a virgin. The angel prepared Mary in her weak state to birth a miracle!

God is saying I will make sure that my power, will be manifested in you. You might say as a daughter, my things are not moving, but God says He can do anything.

Know this that a business that is born of God can never go down, the same with your marriage, if it is born of God, it can never be shaken! Today the Prophetess has come to affirm that the weakness we have is to be celebrated. The Bible even mentions that women should be treated with respect because men are instructed to love them as weaker vessels.

God’s grace perfects you, in your weakness God comes through and shows that He is God. He allows us to move in the Dunamis power. God is a miracle working God. He is full of power and it is perfected when we surrender to Him.

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