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Friday, October 25, 2019

Your Prescence Should Emit Light Always

The lives of women have been touched by the consuming Fire and once again we see the prophecy of our father in the Lord, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri coming to pass.

Prophetess Mary Bushiri was surely at her best today, delivering spiritually apt content, prophesying with the accuracy that we know as acute and then delivering daughters with the power of a prophetic midwife – all of the timing, experience, agility and finesse.

Clad in a designer white and tangerine ensemble, the Prophetess of Class put to rest any fears that style has no room in the Kingdom!

Nothing could beat the delivery that brought a frank Q & A off camera with the motherly touch—the women finally simmered down to receive the solid teaching that revealed a deep and intimate relationship of the Prophetess and her God, the God of Major 1.

As the routes open up to allow the excited women to return home with their Fresh Fire, women leave the venue filled with the Holy Ghost and dangerously anointed for the works that will transform lives, homes , families and nations.

Testimonies of healings and witnesses of God’s power and strength have given women something to carry home and treasure. Surely this has been a day God crafted for women.

What remains now is the anticipation of a very pretty testimony line as each one is set to come back with a testimony!

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