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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Stay Strong in Faith Don't Give up on Your Breakthrough

Many people are believers of one 'God' or the other because of persuations from other people rather than on personal conviction. It is better for everyone to research and have an experiential knowledge of the 'God' they have been made to believe on because they might have been made to believe in a lie; in a 'God' whose influence is limited to this world and when they exit this world eventually, they become disappointed.

You're a Christian but do you ever had a personal contact with Jesus since you believed? Perhaps in a vision, dream, miracle, etc. Have you seen or met with Him once? You need to, if you've not yet.
I'm a die-hard Christian today, not because of people's persuation but because I've personally met with Him on a number of occasion and He proved to be the Lord of the universe.

At the same time, I've met with the trimurti of the Hindu religion which couldn't withstand my calling the Name of Jesus Christ. I have also met with that being people call, Queen of the seas. She, very fair to behold, is powerless where a true believer of Jesus Christ is. So, we looked at each other and passed. Still further, I met with that element called Satan (starting in a dream and then physical) and couldn't look at my face because of the Christ that's in me.

Death is a spiritual being and acts as deep sleep when it comes to get a victim. It had no power over me and that's how it is with all true children of God. Friend, are you dead in your religion? Why not accept Jesus Christ today and live?

Prophetess Mary Sunday Prayer
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