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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Take Your Mind Where Your Eyes And Body Can't Take You

The countrymen saw what happened to the possessed man how he was healed and became more concern with their business rather than rejoicing for the man's restoration and was angry with Jesus and they prayed in one accordance and asked him to leave their country and Jesus answered their prayers as well lesson Heaven rejoice when someone repent and come back to God if you are a minister of God ask yourself 

I my interested in making money like this people were or am I in the business of bringing souls to God remember if you don't repent now Jesus will answer your prayer too if you will hear this and pray not to have anything with this Jesus Christ your prayers will be answered as well.

pray 3:now the save person don't want to do anything rather than just follow Jesus and he prayed to Jesus lord let me stay with you but his prayers were not answered Jesus told him to go back home to his family friends and neighbors and declare what the lord has done for him and he went about proclaiming all that the lord has done for him you are save you have the Holy spirit just as this man Jesus has sent you also are you telling your friends,family and neighbors 
what the lord has done for you remember JESUS saves you to save others don't be a lukewarm Christian, to you that says am a Christian remember that you have been given the message of reconciliation and repent of that attitude you have towards people God bless you as you make a decision today to follow Jesus Christ

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