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Friday, December 27, 2019

Your Words Can Be Your Greatest Ally if Used Properly

The Word of God is so powerful. It illuminates you and reveals the kingdom of God to your mind. When you study and meditate on the word, there is a communication between your mind and the spirit of God.

The more you have the word of God in your mind, the more you have the understanding of the kingdom of God and the more this kingdom will be real for You will become aware of the kingdom, you will grow and live the life of the kingdom in real time Thanks to the knowledge laid in your mind, you will surgery with the principles of the kingdom and give these principles to this world and all circumstances

Always take the ministry of speech seriously. Consciously invest your time, your energy, your resources in the education and exercise of your mind. In Our Ministry, we have a vast reservoir of teachings for the development and building of your mind. Get these resources, available in different formats. Subscribe to Pastor Chris's digital library and access audio and video messages that will transform your life, teach you to know the kingdom and will help you live an always victorious and triumphant life.

That's not all! You must also help, and continue to help, the lost people in your world to enter the same divine experience of the triumph life of this kingdom. It's our responsibility to spread this message all over the world.

We were called to take the men out of darkness for the kingdom of light, and here is why Jesus came: *"for the son of man came to seek and save what was lost"* (Luke 19:10 ). We are the ones who make his dream come true today. Hallelujah!

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