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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Spend Quality Time in His Presence Without Saying Nothing

God want every of his kids to spend quality time in his presence without saying nothing it is simply known as “Quiet Time” during this hour he permit the Holy Spirit to carry out his work on your inside.
It is synonymous with the case of a Surgeon carrying out a Surgical Procedure on the inner part of a human body, during such practice the patience remains a complete still, mute until the works are carried out successfully.

The Holy Spirit wants to beautify his works in your life today, create some better time to stay in his presence by giving it all to him, he will heal that hurt in your heart, he will remove that guilt in your soul and brand your spirit for a better tomorrow only if you agree to stay in the city of God's presence.

Thank you heavenly Father, I have learn a new way to draw my strength from you, I receive your word today even as stay in the city(your presence) and give myself fully to you in Jesus Name.(Amen).
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