Sunday, June 28, 2020

14 Things School Won't Teach You:

Hello, good evening Friends, before I begin, let me begin by giving you this free advice. Don't get carried away with social media because nobody posts their failures here. Ignore the fake bling-bling and photoshop beauty with filters. Be yourself and embrace your life, because even if you attend the most or one of the most expensive schools in the world today, there are many things which school won't tech you and they are as follows

15 Things School Won't Teach You:

1. How to develop empathy and integrity.

2. How to cold call.

3. How to sell.

4. Negotiation skills

5. Emotional intelligence

6. How to invest your. money

7. How to stay mentally healthy.

8. How to interview and pick great candidates.

9. How to prospect for new clients without being a douche.

10. How to be grateful.

11. How to truly listen.

12. How to fire a person.

13 How to and when to hire.

14 The true value of time

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