Saturday, August 1, 2020

5 reasons School Shouldn't Resume This year

5 reasons school shouldn't resume this year. I'd state them based on my scale of preference.

5 - It's said that time is money, I sincerely believe that the more time they give us, the more money we would make. Y'all know how financially exhausting Nigeria school system is? Especially now that the economy is bad and the lockdown was just lifted few weeks ago. If no student will say it, I will. 

Dear, Federal Government, our house rent has expired, we didn't plant any rice, beans or foodstuffs in school and petty dues won't pay themselves. Our parents just started work recently and they are trying to bounce back. We've been busy spending from our savings and no means of valid income. 

The cost of living right now isn't friendly for the average Nigeria students that come from a struggling family. Not all students are from Rich homes and can afford to double bill their parents. Most students train themselves in school and in this lockdown, they weren't allowed to work. Some come from a family where the food stuff they take to school is always bought on credit to talk of double billing their parents. 

I believe you didn't put the poor masses into consideration when you chose to use something as delicate as covid-19 as a propaganda to achieve your personal goals my dear federal government. Maybe you did, by sharing pathetic palliatives? Wehdone.

4 - Some of us started an online class because motivational speakers didn't allow us to rest with their make sure you come out of the lockdown with a skill. Look at me, no look at you, did you finish the online class? Please, I don't want to come out of this lockdown without a million skills, give me more time. 

I promise to finish it this year. Maybe that certificate I will get online is the only thing I need to land myself a jaw dropping job. Those that got their certificates already are still waiting for jobs to land so that they will see money to run things in school. I lie you not.

3 - It's not like I'm pained oh but e no funny oh. Since I entered University, I've not seen somebody that bought gala, biscuit or meet pie and finished it alone in my class. They will so cut cut, take take till the person that bought it will be left with a red eye. How na? See, everybody needs to make enough money before coming back to school so that person go for fit finish one Fesco biscuit only him for inside class.

2 - Those that keep telling us "Who school epp" say street is legit and they are just in school for the cert. They talk say street can enrich them and the ones that carry school for head will be under them in the future. Please, you know say street tight for this lockdown, abeg don't let them resume school without achieving their Benefit boys dream. E get some lecturers they wan settle their matter for school with money, no put San San for their garri. Abeg.

1 - Most importantly, people like me have moved on with our lives. We've lost hope of resuming school this year so we are now learning trade, tailoring, mechanic and stuffs. That's not even the problem, the thing is that our brain have knock engine. It will take the whole of this year to open it if not, if not...

With these few points of mine, I believe I've been able to convince you and not confuse you that it's better for school to resume next year. Look at my above points, is this sense what I will use to carry first class?
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